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It seems to me that design is just a creative thought process, one I have always enjoyed immensely. A mental system of getting from A to B, and occasionally C. Combining this with a discipline in engineering means that designs will be functional and fit for purpose. This only adds to the fun of design, solving the puzzle and creating a wonderful solution. Obviously wonderful is entirely subjective, but it is always the goal, even in the simplest of situations.

I have applied these principles to design in a commercial environment for the past 18 years across several different disciplines, and it is exactly how I work within Cream Graphics. I spend time listening to the client so that I can get a deep understanding of what is really important to them, agree a direction in which we will take the project, then go create. Dann Stephens

Cream Graphics specialises in all forms of digital graphical design for all forms of media:

Logos, Branding, Graphic Design for Web or Print

 Brochures, Catalogues, Posters, Flyers & Postcards

Advertising, Newsletters, Banners, Display , CDs

Digital Stationery, Press Packs, Business Cards

2D CAD & 3D Modelling, Architectual Drawings

Packaging, Cases, Boxes & Tins, Custom Inserts



The growth of the internet has meant that any business, small or large, local or national, can have a global online presence. Everywhere you see “Like" or “Follow us” and businesses are told how important this is. Unfortunately it is often the case that you see website headers with company branding sporting stale web-safe fonts, and my favourite, the free generic business cards that make you “stand out from everyone else.”

Obviously the main reason is cost, free websites and business cards are tempting, especially in the present financial climate. Unless you happen to be creative, good with Photoshop and a bit IT savvy, the DIY results so often miss the mark, with no real logo or brand, and confusing stationery to follow. Usually all that is required to get the right message across is the right graphics, then everything from the website to business cards conveys the same message and qualities to anyone coming in contact with the business. After all, if a prospective client has shown interest in your brand, the rest is up to you.

This is where Cream Graphics comes in; a multi disciplined, highly creative and flexible small business. Working with clients of all shapes and sizes, we always have the same goal: to create great design for any form of media. We support the client as much or as little as they require with any graphical or manufacturing needs, from a one off graphic, or seeing a design through to manufacture, to completely managing a brand on and off line.



Computer Aided Design, 2D and 3D Modelling. I still remember the first time ever using the basic CAD system at university, the dawn of CAD as we know it twenty odd years ago. It was also the last time I created drawings of this nature on a drawing board. Over the years the technology has moved on so much but the logical nature of CAD is still fundamental; depending on your budget, what you can now do with CAD is limitless.

In the past I have used CAD on a daily basis for both design and manufacture but within Cream Graphics it still comes out of the box occasionally when needed. Perfect for the more traditional architectural plans and the odd 3D room layout, sometimes I also reach for it knowing just how quickly I can create simple framework drawings. I’ve even used it to recreate a board game concept that was originally hand drawn 25 years ago and had since been folded up and put away. It’s very useful when you want to produce artwork and not print it but utilise other manufacturing methods such as water-cutting, routers, lasers and chemical etching which can be used with all sorts of materials to stunning effect.

More specialist applications have included designing parts packaging for line side manufacture, creating a safe system for “A” surface painted parts to travel around the world, again and again. This was mainly for automotive clients but the principle is the same for any sector where the component is sensitive, specialist tools or camera gear as an example.